Northern Acoustics:

Jerin & Nate


Both from Eastern Ontario, Jerin & Nate have been playing to audiences together for over four years. Contrary to popular belief, not all Canadians know each other. They didn’t meet in Canada, and ironically, upon meeting avoided playing with each other for quite some time.

Jerin was recording her first E.P. and Nate was at the same studio with a different band. Needing some jazzy fills, Nate was called in to spice up Jerin’s favorite track, Tattoo.

Jerin and Nate both played it cool and avoided a rather obvious connection (aside from their Canadian backgrounds). But, as fate would have it, Jerin was down a guitar player and convinced Nate to fill in. As momentum and demand picked up for Jerin & Nate’s sound they decided it was time to make it official. Northern Acoustics was formed; a name which describes the duo and their stylings quite well.


Over the years playing together they have toured through Southern and Northern California via some beautiful wineries and private parties and events, as well as some successful hometown shows in the True North. In SoCal they have collectively graced many iconic stages, playing The Peppermint Club, The Mint, Genghis Cohen, Lucky Strike, as well as playing the Sunset Strip Music Festival, “LIVE The Sunset Marquis,” to name a few.

Their repertoire is vast and varied. The strong backbeats and looping, developed by Nate’s signature guitar playing, give the duo a stand out sound that can fill a room of any size. From sensitive and subtle acoustic stylings, to crowd pleasing dance tunes, Jerin’s voice carries and lends itself to a multitude of genres.

We could go on about their sound, but you’re already on the website, so you may as well take a listen!

If you’re interested in booking Northern Acoustics for an event hit up the contact page. Jerin & Nate have played to small intimate parties and to rip-roaring bars and concert halls. The sounds are tailored to fit your desired experience.